We are perfect examples how your life can change in the blink of an eye! It got to the point where I had to stop working to be home with Chrissy full time and we lost $2500 a month in take home pay from my job that we relied on to help pay bills. So we are very big into teaching people that everyone should have a Plan B to fall back on! It is a proven fact that most people do not have enough money saved to keep their bills paid for more than a month if they were not able to work due to an emergency! Having an additional stream of income also relieves a lot of stress in people's lives! We teach people how to incorporate this business into their busy life! Most people are already buying health products from somewhere, we just teach them how to purchase the best products from their own wholesale store online and introduce this concept to others in order to have financial security in the form of residual income!
We would love to help as many people as we can achieve their goals! Whether it be just for better health or for an additional stream of income as well, Zija offers both. You get to decide how much money you make by how many people you introduce to these amazing, life changing products!
In our years of experience in the network marketing industry, we found that a true residual income comes from health and wellness products! When you have products that create results, people become emotionally attached to them and use them every day! The most important thing that we are passionate to share with others is the importance of Moringa nutrition to replace the nutrition lost in the food chain now because of Genetically Modified food. The second most important thing for ultimate health is to make sure people understand how critical it is to detox your system and flush the toxins out of the body a few days per week! Even though we use most of the products offered by Zija in our household, we stick to the basics when introducing the company to people.
If you would like us to help you achieve your goals, please email teamdreamchasers2009@yahoo.com. You can also text or call Debby at 337-254-9851. We are committed to your success!">